Washington Dude Ranch

At the heart of the Pacific Northwest lies Washington State.  Cowboys first arrived in the pacific Northwest more than one century ago and since has been home to ranchers and western culture.  With ranches being located in the central and eastern side of the state, the climate and terrain is very different to what people think of when the picture Washington.  Many would tend to believe that all of Washington is much like its west coast, wet, lush and green.  This is not the case though at the other side of the state.  When staying at a Washington Dude Ranch you can expect warm summers, incredible scenery with a variety of landscapes.  Colville National Forest is just one example of stunning scenery located right next to a dude ranch.   Imagine being on horseback while trailing through this magnificent national forest and all the 1.1 million acres it has to offer.

Coleville National Forrest Park

Dude Ranches in Washington lie close to numerous mountains, forests and state parks.  This opens up a variety of activities that vacationers can enjoy when staying at the Dude ranch.  Everyone in the family will find something they enjoy with popular activities include cattle drives, trail riding, fly fishing, boating, trap shooting, mountain biking to name a few.  Participating in a cattle drive is quite an experience being on horseback and moving cattle from one pasture to another.  This gives you an insight into what it is really like to be a cowboy and experience their kind of work.

Washington Dude Ranches are like secret ranching getaways.  They are under the radar compared to the ranches in Montana or Colorado, but they have scenery, activities and culture to match those heavy hitter states.  If you go on a vacation to Washington, you will not be disappointed and you’ll never want to leave.

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