The Marvel Of Nevada

Known for the gilts and glamour of Las Vegas, Nevada is a very popular tourist destination.  The knickname of Navada is the silver State and is so due to the silver rush with occurred in the 1800s.  Nevada is located in the south west between the states of Arizona, California, Oregon and Utah.  If you know where to look,  you'll find a Nevada dude ranch full of western character and charm. All who take a trip to a Dude Ranch Nevada will see something very different to the hotels and Casinos of Las Vegas. Being the fifth largest state in area of size, Nevada is home to many north-south mountain ranges and is almost completely contained in the Basin and Range Province.  The northern part of Nevada is a mild desert which has a cold climate in the winter and hot temperatures in the summer.  This climate is described as a "mild" desert.  This state is 7th largest state in the US, Nevada is home two 4 National parks,  Great Basin National Park, Red Rock Canyon National park, Valley of Fire State Park and the Great Basin.

Try a wild horse drive at a Dude Ranch Nevada

A Dude Ranch Nevada

These National Parks are open for business year-round.  During the winter months the Great Basin attracts skiers and snowboards to it’s snow covered slopes.  The Spring, Summer and Fall are the seasons to go on a Dude Ranch vacation.  While staying at the Dude Ranch, you will get to take up other recreational activities in Nevada’s beautiful parks.  Trail riding, camping, fishing, hiking and star gazing are some of the things you can enjoy with on a vacation here.  Another activity for those who are a bit more adventurous is going on a Dude Ranch Nevada horse drive.  Mounted on horseback, you’ll ride through the Nevada wilderness while herding a number of young horses.  A horse drive is aimed towards more experienced and confident riders but provides whoever rides with quite the adrenaline rush.

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