A Classic Cowboy State

Arizona is one of the all time classic cowboy states.  With many a western movie being filmed here, it is idyllic for a cowboy’s landscape.  Arizona has two nicknames, the first is the copper State, with the second being the Grand Canyon state.  Originally being called the copper state due to its industry in copper mining, Arizona has since developed its second nickname, the Grand Canyon state.  The Grand Canyon is a prized national treasure of the United States residing in Arizona.  It is a popular tourist destination because of the striking landscape and rock formations.  This Grand Canyon state is in the United States south west region, with its southern border being the US/Mexico border.   It’s the 6th largest state by land area so there’s plenty to explore for eager vacationists.  The landscapes of Arizona are often seen in old Western movies as it has the perfect look and feel of the old west.  Vacationers want a piece of this and therefore find a Dude Ranch Arizona that can meet this need.

Dude Ranch Arizona

When staying at an Arizona Dude Ranch you’ll experience true western hospitality.  This state delivers you a choice of ranches from luxury vacation ranches where guests can keep the luxuries one would find in a hotel while still enjoying the trail rides and western theme, to working cattle ranches where the guest can experience what it’s truly like to live on a western ranch.  These vary from small family run businesses to large guest ranches.  Of course, at the heart of each dude ranch is desiring to provide the guest with a horseback riding vacation that they’ll never forget.  Each Ranch is proud of their state which they want to show each guest the beauties of which it has to offer.  You’ll be offered trail rides over land rich in western history, where real cowboys moved their cattle out west.  Riding a trail in Arizona is splendid enough due to its gorgeous landscape but to top off the day you home while viewing a marvelous sunset.  There is no better way to see the wonders of the copper state than on horseback while staying at an Arizona Dude Ranch.

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