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The golden state is home to some of the most stunning landscapes across America.  Being the 3rd largest state, California has a very diverse landscape with there being plenty to see and explore.  Bordering the Pacific Ocean, California is home to 9 national parks and 4 state parks.  This makes home to a fantastic California Dude Ranch.

Beautiful landscapes to explore at a Dude Ranch California

Having such landscapes enables a range of outdoor recreation that makes California a top vacation destination.  Visiting a Dude Ranch makes for a perfect way to experience Cali, with additional activities that make this state even more unique such as gold panning.  Cowboy culture is popular in this region if you know where to look.  Rodeos are not uncommon here with the largest three-day rodeo in the United States being held in Red Bluff.

If you are looking for a Cowboy Trail Riding vacation then look no further than a Dude Ranch California.  There are trails to suit every experience level of rider.  With abundant wildlife to see and thousands to trails to explore, there is no better place for a western adventure.  If you are in-experienced with horses, you will be taught the different equipment (known as tack) which is used for horse back riding.  You’ll have a wrangler accompany you on every ride who is an expert with horses and trail riding.  Often knowledgeable in the surrounding area, they will be your guide to landscape, history and there to answer any questions which you might have.

If a vacation to one of the largest and most diverse states in the United States sounds appealing to you, see our recommendation for a Dude Ranch California , where you will be blown away by the splendor of the State and the unique western culture which is held at a Dude and Guest Ranch.

Top 5 California Dude Ranches

Marble Mountain Ranch

Rankin Ranch

Alisal Guest Ranch and Resort

Hunewill Ranch

Coffee Creek Ranch

There are many more exceptional Dude and Guest Ranches out there in California.  You can view the list of Dude Ranch Association member ranches here.

Watch the below video to give you a preview of what you can expect at Marble Mountain Dude Ranch.

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